Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

Raise your hand if you love the waxing.

I like treating myself to a full Brazilian bikini wax. There is something exciting about being smooth and clean. I believe that we should treat ourselves to something special that makes us feel more feminine, more erotic, and much more naughty.

My mother was in town this past month and for her birthday, I took her to my waxer. (And she went for the full waxing and absolutely loved it!) I live in a fairly large metro area and there are plenty of salons close to my home, but I drive almost 45 minutes to get to mine. She is simply fabulous.

So, do you wax? Do you like to play with smooth and hairless or do you prefer a little patch?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Starbucks Test

One of Rafe's friends had told him about the Starbucks test. The test people who meet in real life (after meeting online) should undergo for their first encounter.

It's easy for people to get caught up in the moment of cyber fun and excitement. People develop feelings and emotions for the person "behind the avatar" and often there is wistful discussions of meeting in real life for real. Those of us who are active in virtual worlds have probably heard or know a person who attempted to meet a virtual friend and got stood up, or scammed.

The starbucks test is the first step in determining if someone is really interested in moving forward. Are they willing to say they will meet you for a coffee and just chat. No hugs, no kisses, no promises, no attachments... just a coffee.

When Rafe asked me if I would meet with him in real life... and would I meet with him at a Starbucks, I told him I absolutely would. In the end... we didn't make it to a Starbucks until our 3rd or 4th day together. We kind of skipped that test. But we did take a moment to have a little sit down at Starbucks in SL. So, what "tests" do you have for meeting someone new?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flash Fiction

Piercing daggers of light bounce off chrome in the afternoon traffic. Lillian blinks and yanks her purse off the floorboard of the passenger seat. She glances at the slow moving mass and begins digging. Her hand frantically pushes aside whatever doesn’t feel right, finally her fingers brush over her familiar sunglasses. She pulls them out and pushes them onto her face. A loud honk causes her a quick flinch and she glances in the rearview mirror. Her hands tighten on the wheel. Another honk, short and annoying. Her knuckles turn from pink to white. Three short honks. An ache in her jaw makes her slowly unclench the tightened muscles.

The cars begin to inch forward. Still gripping the steering wheel she slams on her breaks.

Her car lurches; another honk; another slam on the breaks.

Her bottle of water slides out of the cup holder, splashing her jeans. She grabs at it and throws it in the back seat, water splatters. Her shoulders tighten, lifting her chest, her breasts rise and fall as she breathes. She continues glancing in the rearview mirror. An arm is now waving and pointing at her from the car behind.

She quickly raises her hand and flips a bird. A long honk responds. She can hear a voice spouting obscenities, though muffled by her window. She rolls it down to stick her arm out and wave back with a finger.

Her heart is pounding, her palms are sweating. She pounds at the stereo, quickly pressing the station keys. A flash of pain, her nail hangs lose at the quick, a bead of blood rises. She feels a rush starting in her chest, quickly rising to her face. She sucks at her finger, quickly biting off the lose nail. She sees her flushed cheeks in the mirror and a man approaching. She tightens her fist and waits for his approach, with her other hand she again reaches for her purse. He places his hands on the door, leaning down to look in at her.

He calls her a name; her hand finds her nail file. He calls her mother a name; she lunges.She jabs the pointed file into the soft flesh of his hand, he screams and jumps back.

She watches him and slowly raises her window. Slowly she accelerates, once more moving with traffic. She releases a deep sigh and slightly shakes her head. A catchy tune begins to play and she hums along.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What if you get bored?

So, I’m skipping all the details, but the short story is I’m leaving my husband and I’m going to move in with my partner that I met in Second Life. Only 10,000 miles separate us at the moment, but soon we’ll be together again.

My mother asked me the other day, what if you get bored again. Since one of my major issues with my soon to be ex was being completely and totally bored, sexually, mentally, etc.

I looked at her for a moment and said, what if I do? Why does society dictate that a choice made can never be unmade? What if I do get bored. Rafe and I have a great understanding and we both share a need for adventure and change. He makes major changes and so do I.

If I get bored, I’m going to say I am bored and together we’ll find new excitement… or we’ll change again.

I have never understood why our society seems so rigid in making relationship changes a negative experience. If you are bored, if you feel unappreciated, if you aren’t stimulated… you have every right to seek fulfillment. We only get one life and at any time, it could end. Why not seek and find happiness?

Just because you made a choice a dozen years or so ago to share your life with one person… that doesn’t mean you can never make a new choice. Every day we have the opportunity to make choices.

My mother was surprised by my answer, but after a moment she agreed with me, understanding my point of view… .

So, what will you do if you get bored in your life?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Erotica: A Dream to Share

The lights are off when I come home. I kick off my shoes and drop the keys on the table. The illumination from my alarm clock guides me to my bedroom. I pull at my shirt, lifting it over my shoulders. The fabric blocks my vision.

I gasp. Warm hands circle my ribcage and pull me. My back presses against hot flesh. The hands slide up, slipping under the strap of my lacy bra. My hands still hold the shirt, waiting. A flick of fabric and my bra releases, my breasts swing free and I can not stop the sigh that escapes.

With a tug my shirt is pulled off, I feel the softest touch of warmth as lips press against my neck. My nipples pucker, thickening. Those hands return to my body, this time to lift my breasts and squeeze them, rubbing over my nipples. I moan as they are pinched and rolled.

I shift my hips, the rigid shaft of a cock presses against me… My pussy lips twitch as they grow warm. I inhale and breathe in the scent of arousal.

I turn around and my nipples press against your chest. You slide your fingers through my hair and pull, our mouths touch and the taste of you sends a flush through my body. Your lips devour mine, my tongue slides over yours.

I run my hands over your shoulders and down your back. Yours cup my ass. My fingers slip under the elastic waistband of your boxers. Slowly, I slide them down your hips.

Your hands turn into fists in my hair. You press lightly. I kiss your chin and slowly slide down your body. I kiss your chest, swirling a tongue around your nipple. I trail a path down your stomach, nibble at the sensitive flesh of your pelvis. Your cock twitches and I smile. I look up at you, the heat of your gaze burning with intensity.

I open my mouth and take your cock between my lips. The salty taste of your desire makes me hunger for more. My tongue wraps around the head and I take you deeper into my mouth. You hold yourself still as I press until I can take you no further, your cock deep in my throat. I suck softly and swallow, letting my mouth and throat close on your shaft.

I pull away, your cock springing from my lips. It glistens with my saliva. I close my hand around the base of your shaft and lick at your cock. I watch you watching me. My mouth and tongue dancing over your sensitive flesh, with my other hand I cup your balls and squeeze them. Your hips begin to rock and you pull my face to them, forcing your cock deeper and faster. I taste your arousal and moan, the sound vibrating your cock. I place my hands on your thighs, moving upward until my nails can dig into your ass cheeks.

Your rhythm speeds up and I feel your balls tighten. Your panting excites me and my swollen pussy lips drip. I slip a hand under my skirt and slide a finger into the wet folds. I groan and quiver; your cock gyrating into my mouth, my finger rubbing my clit. Your body goes rigid and you cry out as hot cum shoots into my mouth. I swallow quickly trying not to lose a drop.
Your hands move over my shoulders and you pull me up, you lift my hand and suck the juices from my finger, desire peaks and my legs weaken. You press against me, pushing me back to the bed. I am fevered with need.

Your body brushes mine as you lay me down. Your hands slide up my inner thigh. Your finger finds my pussy and I moan, begging you to fill me. You grin at my need and lower your head. Your arms push my legs open wide and you slide your tongue into my slit. I jerk and cry out with pleasure.

Your fingers spread my folds, my swollen clit trembling. You suck it gently into your mouth. My pussy clenches and I feel my juices dripping. Your tongue begins to fuck me and I can not control my hips as they writhe beneath your touch. My breathing is short and raspy as you drink me in. Your tongue dances over my flesh, dipping into me. Teasing me. Driving me wild.

I feel the pressure building in my belly. You hear it in my moans and your tongue flicks faster against me. A wave of pleasure crashes through me as my orgasm causes me to yell out your name. My body sings with release and I close my eyes.

I wake to light peeking through my blinds. My home is empty, the passion only a wisp of a dream. I get up and go about my day, knowing I will return for another night with my shadow lover.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Beings touch in pixel dreams
Passion fills the void

Sunday, February 1, 2009

To New Beginnings

When I first joined Second Life in 2007, it was simply to see what the hype was all about. Having been a gamer for over ten years, I considered myself a fairly competent explorer of the metaverse. I had started with telnetting, zmudding, and moved up the ranks of mmorpg’s over the years. Plus some strong gaming addictions which lead to my family having nearly every gaming console as it was released.

I had been with my spouse for over ten years and as time had progressed, my needs changed. The young woman I was at 17 and the needs I thought I had, changed. The woman I am today at 32 has far different desires, needs, and self-awareness. Not to mention… I was bored senseless.

My first avatar was quite an experience and I enjoyed a variety of pastimes in Second Life: sculpting, texturing, dancing, “stripping”, owning a business and more. In May, I created an alternate character, Keaira. I had decided that I was going to use Second Life to pursue my sexual needs and I was going to live vicariously through the fantasies I could explore in this virtual realm.

My first day I had met approximately ten or twelve very appealing gentlemen and had a great time… On the second or third day of my new self, I met a very enticing man from overseas. I had not used the voice portion of Second Life and this man introduced me to it. His avatar was Rafe Clary and he ran the voice sexhibitionists’ group. I had never had voice sex in Second Life either. *phew* we’ll save the discussions on voice sex for another day… but it warms me up just thinking about it. The things we did… in public, for any and all to hear. It was an awakening.

Anyway, Rafe and I spent on average of six to eight hours a day with each other. Every day. Some days we’d be together for up to 16 hours. Yes, we were fiends. Where was my husband you ask? Sitting on the couch.

In September, my husband and I entered counseling. I stopped my Second Life adventuring to see if what we had could be repaired. At the beginning of the year, I told him it was over and now I’m back. I am surrounded by boxes as I pack up my life.

And what happened to Rafe? Well, he came to see me. He traveled from New Zealand to Minnesota to spend two wonderful weeks with me. The reality simply can not compare to the fantasy, it’s so much better. He’ll be coming back very shortly and we’ll be sharing our lives together. I’m not here to judge or be judged. Life is what you make of it and I plan on enjoying every minute I can.